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Facing a tenant/landlord dispute regarding rent? In Washington, D.C., tenants are given the option to take action against their landlords for such complaints by filing a Tenant Petition with the Rental Accommodations Division (RAD). According to the Rental Housing Act of 1985 landlords, tenants are given certain protections regarding rent control laws and eviction procedures. If a landlord is in violation of this Act, he or she may be subject to penalties.

If you are a landlord or a tenant facing an administrative hearing for a housing dispute, talk to a knowledgeable Washington, D.C. landlord/tenant attorney at Hunter & Johnson, PLLC. The Office of Administrative Hearings is a neutral tribunal that hears cases and decides on appeals relating to a wide variety of government decisions. Although you are not required to be represented by an attorney, it is important that you approach this hearing with a lawyer. These hearings are conducted in a similar manner to a trial, so make sure that you know what to expect and how to prepare for these hearings.

Hunter & Johnson, PLLC can help tenants and landlords with disputes regarding:

  • Rent increases
  • Housing code violations
  • Reduction in services and facilities
  • Landlord retaliation for taking action
  • Security deposit dispute
  • Other complaints against landlord

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Any type of landlord/tenant dispute should be resolved quickly and effectively. Our Washington, D.C. tenant attorneys can work to help you resolve the dispute promptly so you are able to move forward as quickly as possible, with the least expense to you.

Guiding Landlord & Tenants Through Disputes

At Hunter & Johnson, PLLC, we can help guide our clients through tenant petitions and hearings. Our tenant lawyers understand the laws surrounding rent controls, housing code violations, and other disputes that commonly occur between tenants and landlords. Each case is prepared with the utmost attention to detail and with your best interests in mind.

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