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Tenant Opportunity Purchase Act (TOPA)

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Under the Tenant Opportunity Purchase Act (TOPA), tenants have a certain amount of days for a first right of refusal to purchase their residence if the building owner either places it up for sale or ceases to use it as a rental. The law provides a specific timeline and structure for how the purchase and finance of the building should proceed.

If you are a tenant who is interested in purchasing your building, or if you are a landlord who is selling your building, feel free to contact our Washington, D.C. TOPA lawyers at Hunter & Johnson, PLLC for assistance.

We can represent a wide range of TOPA issues for landlords and tenants, including:

  • Building code compliance
  • Litigation and disputes
  • Purchase/sale contracts

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Our team can guide you through the TOPA process step-by-step to ensure that it is executed seamlessly. Depending on the size and number of units in your rental structure, you may be subject to different rules and procedures. It is important that you follow all the procedures and the timeline provided. If there are any disputes along the way, we are prepared to help you find the most cost-effective solution possible.

Overview of TOPA

TOPA begins when residents receive a Notice of Offer of Sale from their landlord, which informs residents of the building owner's decision to sell the property. This document will include the asking price, the terms of the contract, and more. Tenants have a 15-day right of first refusal, which expresses their lack of interest or ability to purchase the building, or their interest in purchasing the contract and negotiating the terms. Any tenant who offers a price within the terms and time period must have their offer accepted.

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