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Traffic citations are issued every day. No matter how minor the infraction or how serious the violation, you may still be facing a number of penalties, including the possibility of a driver's license suspension, jail time, points on your driving record, and even increased insurance premiums. In extreme cases, your insurer may even deny you coverage. This can not only affect your ability to drive but your ability to perform your job if you are required to hold a valid driver's license. Find out more about how Hunter & Johnson, PLLC can represent you during traffic court case, DMV hearing and more.

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The moment you find yourself facing a traffic citation, don't wait to discuss your incident with a defense attorney. Traffic citations are often time-sensitive and must be resolved quickly, otherwise you may risk losing your driving privileges. When you talk to an attorney at our firm, we can go over your citation, ways that you can fight it, represent you during DMV court hearings, and more. We work hard to protect your driver's license, to reduce your fines, and to help keep your driving record clean. And most importantly, we want to keep you out of jail.

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Any type of traffic violation charge can put your future at risk. Make sure that you have a Washington, D.C. traffic violation attorney with the right experience and knowledge to challenge your charges. We do whatever it takes to make sure that you stay out of jail and that your driving privileges are not jeopardized.

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