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Washington D.C. is notorious throughout the country for exacting harsh punishments against the criminally accused. In particular, drug crimes are considered to be one of the worst and most rampant offenses in the capital, and so law enforcement can be overzealous to crackdown on it. If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you need serious defense to stand between you and the unforgiving criminal justice system.

At Hunter & Johnson, PLLC, we afford our clients the opportunity to stand with tenacious defenders that genuinely care about the outcome of a case. Our Washington D.C. criminal defense attorneys want to see your case to a successful end because it is the right thing to do.

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Varying Forms of Drug Crimes in D.C

What drug crime is on your arrest record? Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, you can bet with certainty that we are capable of handling the case for you. With our teamwork approach to everything we do, we empower our clients and fiercely advocate for their rights in and out of court.

Let us help you if you have been accused of:

  • Possession: A simple drug possession charge may seem benign but it can end with high fines and lengthy imprisonment.
  • Distribution: If an illegal drug or narcotic changes hands for any reason, regardless if a profit was involved or not, it is considered drug distribution.
  • Trafficking: Perhaps the most serious of drug crimes, trafficking involves moving large quantities of illegal substances for the clear purpose of selling, buying, or trading.
  • Manufacturing: Processing narcotics or possessing the means to manufacture them is strictly illegal. Cultivation is a manufacturing charge related to marijuana and other naturally-occurring illegal drugs.

How Are Drug Crimes Investigated in Washington D.C.?

Drug crime investigations usually begin in a number of ways. Police officers develop a suspect, sometimes through a DUI stop or tips from citizens.

Some officers may go undercover based on information received from informants or other sources, or local community members may report drug activities anonymously to law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement officials may also investigate defendants through:

  • Surveillance
  • Wiretaps
  • Following them in their daily routine

Once law enforcement officials gather enough information that may indicate criminal activities, they may request a search warrant or arrest warrant.

So how do you know you are being investigated? You can tell if you have been contacted by law enforcement officials, if investigators have contacted your friends, or if your accounts have been frozen.

In other cases, you may not even know that you have been investigated until the police show up with a warrant. The moment you suspect that you are under investigation, the smartest thing to do is to contact an attorney to protect your rights early on in the case.

Cutting-Edge Defense for Drug Crime Charges

Our law firm has effectively handled a broad range of drug crimes, including complex trafficking charges as well as run of the mill possession charges. We utilize the latest defense techniques and thoroughly prepare each case for the strongest possible defense.

Our team of experienced drug crime attorneys can analyze the evidence that was obtained, how it was obtained, and how the prosecutor is linking the drugs to you. We understand the law, your rights, and how to weaken the prosecutor’s case against you.

Critical questions that we ask when preparing drug crime defense include:

  • Were you illegally searched?
  • Were the drugs in question illegally seized?
  • Did the arresting officer have probable cause to search your home or vehicle?
  • Did the arresting officer follow law enforcement protocol during the search?

If we find that any evidence was illegally obtained by law enforcement officials, we may be able to request that the evidence be thrown out. Without evidence, many drug crime charges against a client become significantly weaker.

Shield Yourself from Negative Outcomes

No matter the specifics of your drug crime charges, the result could always be the same: thousands paid in fines, a year or more spent in jail, and the destruction of your reputation. The sooner you stand up for your rights and fight back against the criminal justice system that might see you as guilty before the trial begins, the better your chances of success.

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