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The word “litigation” is legal jargon that simply means “lawsuit.” A lawsuit involves two parties, a plaintiff and a defendant. The plaintiff is the party claiming they’ve been wronged, while the defendant is the party being sued. A lawsuit starts once the plaintiff files their complaint with the courts. This complaint outlines the initial facts of the case and why the plaintiff feels entitled to damages. If you have been injured, you should hire an experienced attorney to help prepare your case for litigation.

Our Personal Injury Litigators Can Help with Your Case

Clever methods of investigation will be needed to prove the severity of your injury and what damages you’re entitled to. Depending on your case, a strong litigator will try to use police reports, photographs, witness testimony, and medical records to either prove or dispute the authenticity of the injury in question. A competent attorney will also consult with injury reconstruction experts and medical experts to show the court what may or may not have contributed to your injury.

A legal representative can also help field any settlement offers you might receive from the other party’s insurance company. Deciding whether or not their offer is favorable requires a thorough understanding of both the law and individual issues pertaining to your case. Experienced litigators like ours can objectively review the terms of a settlement offer and determine if your legal rights are being upheld.

Types of Person Injury Cases

  • Car accident (whether driver or passenger)
  • Slip and Fall
  • Obtaining an injury on business property
  • Significant Bodily Injury
  • Medical Malpractice

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If you’ve been injured and are involved in a civil lawsuit, you should seek a personal injury attorney who specializes in litigation. Our lawyers are experienced litigators who know what to expect from personal injury cases. We strive to provide excellent customer service and want to make sure you understand your available legal options.

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