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A disagreement between parties regarding the terms or definitions of an agreement is called a contract dispute. For a contract to be considered valid, all parties involved must mutually agree to and understand the terms under discussion. An invalid contract can be contested in court. Creating a contract is a process that requires close attention to detail. To form a valid contract, there must be:

  • An Offer
  • An Acceptance of the Offer
  • Consideration or Payment for the Goods or Services

A breach of contract means that one party failed to perform or uphold a duty or promise agreed to in the contract. There are 2 types of contract breaches:

Material Breach: A party fails in a major contractual duty and the breach is so significant it makes the agreement or purpose of the contract irreparable. This usually happens when the essence of the contract is not satisfied. In this case, the non-breaching party doesn’t have to perform their contractual duties and can sue the breaching party for damages caused by the breach.

Minor Breach: The breach in the contract does not disrupt the intent of the contract. In the case of a minor breach, both parties are still expected to fulfill the rest of the contract, however, the non-breaching party can sue for damages.

Common Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are divided into 2 categories, legal and equitable remedies. Legal remedies involve monetary damages, while equitable remedies involve actions to correct the contractual issue at hand. Contracts are commonly disputed over:

  • Mistakes and Errors in the Terms of the Contract
  • Fraud or Coercion
  • Disagreements About the Meaning or Definition of Technical Terms
  • Issues Drafting & Reviewing the Contract

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