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Business disputes typically occur when one party has an issue with the binding terms of a contract. Even though they can be irritating and draining, these kinds of disputes are an inevitable aspect of running a business. This is why it’s important for business owners to be aware of potential disputes they might encounter.

Common Kinds of Business Disputes

Businesses that work with suppliers, contractors, purchasers, or other partners are at risk for contractual disagreements. These disputes typically involve one party that has not received the products they believe they’re entitled to, or one party feels they were paid inadequately for their services. Sometimes parties disagree on specific details in a contract and a breach of contract claim might be initiated.

Customers and consumers can also initiate a business dispute. Cases like these usually concern an issue with a service provided or for purchased products that are believed to be substandard. Breached product warranties can also be disputed by consumers, especially when injury is caused by the breach.

This can be a complicated issue for smaller businesses due to federal regulations that prevent discrimination, harassment, and other improper working conditions. Small business owners should seek legal advice concerning these issues. Our civil litigation lawyers can help clarify your concerns!

Our D.C. Lawyers Can Help Resolve Your Business Dispute

While a business can’t entirely protect itself from all liability, getting advice from an experienced attorney can potentially limit the amount of legal disputes that might arise. A lawyer can help determine whether or not your paperwork, business dealings, and day-to-day operations are compliant with the law. An experienced attorney can also assist with drafting compliant policies for hiring and firing employees.

Resolving a business dispute is a lengthy and complicated legal process. If you are currently involved in a business dispute, you should immediately contact our Washington D.C. lawyers to get help with your case. Our team of civil litigation attorneys has the knowledge and experience needed to resolve your case. Call (202) 759-7929 to get started today!

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